American Heart Association Research Experience for Undergrads (REU)

Summer Undergraduate Research for Foreign Nationals (SURFN)

Summer Undergraduate Research for Foreign Nationals (SURFN)

Rice offers a unique opportunity for undergraduates to perform cutting-edge cardiovascular research ranging from fundamental science and translational medicine to community health. The SURFN at Rice will recruit undergraduates from the greater Houston area to perform research in the departments of Bioengineering, Biosciences, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Chemistry, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology, Mechanical Engineering, and Statistics.

The interns will interact with faculty sponsors and their research groups to solve significant problems of relevance to heart disease and stroke patients. The interns will also participate in professional development activities designed to improve scientific communication skills and the recruitment of students into graduate programs. SURFN will provide a group of young cardiovascular investigators with the foundation and inspiration to translate their research experiences into future high-impact endeavors that enhance the quality of life for persons afflicted with cardiovascular diseases.

International students enrolled at a university in the United States, as well as DACA recipients, are strongly encouraged to apply if they have a work authorization. US Citizens and Permanent Residents are also eligible to apply. Students must be enrolled in a 4-year institution.

Key Faculty

Jane Grande-Allen